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It is only 3 days until Lammas on August 1st. Lammas is the first day of Autumn, you will begin to notice the leaves slightly changing colour around this time and dropping off trees. Lammas is also the first day of the harvest, when the fields are glowing with corn and wheat and the reaping would begin. The harvest period will continue until Samhain when the last stores for the winter months would be put away. 

The word Lammas actually means Loaf Mas to celebrate the harvest it is traditional to cook and eat bread on this day. Lammas is also known as Lughnasadh as it celebrates the Celtic Sun God Lugh. Lammas is also the Thanksgiving Holiday, when each person give thanks for the things and blessings in their lives.

Today as I was cleansing my altar space I was surrounded by three or four air spirits, I think they were happy that I was finally dusting and cleaning everything. The energy of my altar has been feeling so dull and stale lately so it was nice to freshen up.

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